In which Wills debuts a very close crop. (I like it!)

We had much to discuss this week here at GFY. Just in case you missed any of it:

Harry and Meghan popped over to Wales, and she had ANOTHER very cute bag.

Kate and Wills zipped over to Coventry and gave everyone the silent treatment. (Not really.)

Kate also zinged over to play tennis with children and open a hospital wing, wearing Boden at last!

And we watched the special about QEII’s coronation and ran down all the things we learned! (And one thing they screwed up.)

Elsewhere of potential interest to you:

Per ABCNews, Meghan has chosen her wedding dress designer. I really think it’s going to be Stella. I just feel it.

Harper’s Bazaar brings us Royal Family Portraits Through the Years

The Express reports that Princess Charlotte bosses George around, to which I say: WELL DONE, YOU.

The New York Times has a quite interesting piece about the aforementioned coronation special.

People brings us the details on Wills and Kate’s upcoming trip to Sweden and Norway (about which I am very excited!).

And on social media:

I don’t know what’s happening here, but he is handsome:

This is a v. good blazer: