I started following Shannen Doherty on Instagram sometime after she announced her breast cancer had spread into her lymph nodes, and so I watched her work her way through it and shave her head and dance it out with her trainer and talk about chemo and her doctors… when she went into remission it was such a relief. We have always loved the erstwhile Brenda Walsh, as you all well know, and I’m not gonna lie: I was super worried. So it is with IMMENSE DELIGHT that we share how awesome she looked at the Paramount Network’s upfront, where she was repping the new Heathers (her recurring part is listed as TBA, but can she POSSIBLY not be Heather Duke?). I love the suit, yes, but also just that she is glowing and healthy. Because Brenda Walsh can never leave us. All she can do is go to Minnesota for a while.

Separately: Somehow I missed that Spike TV was becoming Paramount Network, and that the new head came from TV Land and brought with him Heathers and something called American Woman starring Mena Suvari, Alicia Silverstone, and Cheyenne Jackson over with him. Poor TV Land. At least it still has Younger. This Heathers project, while still spearheaded by one of the Waters brothers, says it’s a “comedy anthology,” all about Veronica Sawyer dealing with a new group of Heathers. Are they mistakenly using the term “anthology” interchangeably with “series,” or are they going to be all stand-alone non-sequential episodes, or… maybe every SEASON it will be a different Veronica/different Heathers? I’m unclear, but plenty curious. It starts March 7. And I will watch and eagerly expect a red scrunchie somewhere on this woman’s person.

[Photo: MediaPunch/REX/Shutterstock]