The cross on her shirt has worked a weird mindwarp on me, so that every time I glance at this, my first thought is that she’s walking out of the hotel modestly clutching a Bible. It is, in fact, just her cell phone. Although to many people that’s just as spiritually vital. Anyway, Bella otherwise looks suspiciously normal until you get a closer look at the shoes:

Bella Hadid Departs Hotel in an LBD and Rose Patterned Boots

Kim Kardashian once wore CLEAR plastic boots, and so initially I thought maybe she’d worn funky socks under those. Or just wrapped her boots because she was afraid of rain. But no. Those seem to be either a) custom boot condoms, or b) just… part of the shoe, as in, they are the shoe. I can’t tell which one. In the case of the former, I mean, I guess raincoats for your favorite shoes are a very luxe item to have even when there is not a drop of water in your midst. But if it’s the latter, and it probably is: I don’t see the point. A pair of floral boots would be perfectly cute on their own. The plastic sheen makes them look cheap, and the extra material poking up at the top is so lazy. Like, either close the Ziploc bag or don’t use one, you know?

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