First of all, as ever, these visits are very good for tourism, if you consider tourism to be “introducing me to places I would like to visit.” Look at these photos of the interior of this castle! THEY’RE AMAZING. Heather and I are going to the UK for this royal wedding thingie that’s happening; do you think I can convince her to go up to Wales with me?

Also on the list of things I want: Meghan’s chic little bag, AGAIN. It’s not that expensive! Free monogramming! It comes in red? 

In addition to all the pics in the slideshow, we got a lot of excellent video from today. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a walkabout from this angle, or, at least, been able to hear so well in one of these videos (maybe her voice is just easier for my American ears to snatch out of the ambient noise:

I appreciate the mention of feminism, obviously.

We can get a better look at the inside of the castle/Meghan’s outfit in full here:

After the castle, they went and did a bunch of kid-friendly stuff (of course; it’s Harry), and really upped the ante in terms of Hugging Local Children:

A late add, because OMG SO CUTE:

[Photos: Also, a special thanks to the ladies at Meghan’s Mirror, who were of great help to me today in ID’ing various bits and bobs; they’re very much worth a follow.]