It’s an overseas fashion week — menswear, but women have walked in some of the shows — and that can only mean one thing: Bella Hadid is entering and exiting a variety of buildings in weird getups. I was at first inclined to write this off to, “Oh, she probably wore/is wearing that on the runway,” or something, just because… otherwise, why… but in fact it’s a melange of designers, capped with these large, expensive Balenciaga sneakers that I guess are quite new and All The Rage (and, I suspect, about $800). So she must be wearing all this on purpose, voluntarily. And that sure is a choice, right there. She looks like she lost her pants from the night before, borrowed a blazer from the hotel’s cache of extras, and MacGyver’d an outfit with a strap from someone’s Jansport and a pair of shoes from a nearby guest. If that were all TRUE, I’d be clapping. Is it true, Bella? I’m giving you an out here, if you want to take it.

[Photo: WENN]