Who could blame Diane here for being passionate about NYC? It’s one of my favorite cities as well. But would I wear a hot pink airbrushed hoodie in its honor? I mean, if it was a fundraiser, okay, but let’s be real: otherwise that’s a hard no. It looks like something she bought at LaGuardia when she de-planed because the dude next to her in First Class knocked his fourth glass of red wine all over her, and the only thing she had in her carry-on to go with it were her rolled-up pair of Emergency Stretchy Balenciaga Bootaloons (although those MIGHT also be running pants/very very thick shiny tights). However, she is in fact headed into (or out of) a fashion party, which… if the dress code was Unfortunate Airport Accident, then she’s totally got it nailed.

[Photo: InstarImages.com]