On the other hand, one might hope it was cute, given that it’s Gucci and $2700. It’s not for sale anymore, but I just fell into an INSANE Gucci Coat Wormhole looking for it. This one is similar — and honestly, maybe better? I will send $5 to a good cause if Kate Middleton pulls this one out within the next year, out of sheer joy. And I am LONGING for someone to have the sartorial guts to wear this $39,000 orange mink coat with zebras on it (!!!) or this $41,000 mink covered in SNAKES (that one, I’m hoping to see Gwyneth Paltrow drag out in an attempt to cosplay herself from¬†The Royal Tenenbaums). Truly, this is a golden age for highly eccentric rich people in cold climes. May La Zeta-Jones only increase in eccentricity as the year marches on. (She already is launching a brand called Casa Zeta-Jones that I believe sells, like, sheets, but which has a website that STRONGLY implies it’s going to have a caftan line; we’re halfway home.)

[Photo: ROGER WONG/INSTARimages.com]