Well! This week was a bit light on People Leaving the House — re-entry after the holidays is rough on us all — but never fear. We still have much to discuss — and there are several items on the docket for Kate and Meghan next week.

First, in case you missed it: Meghan had an outing yesterday in very snazzy shoes.

Also, Wills and Kate went to church with the Queen on Sunday and Kate wore yet another HEADBAND OF THE DAAAY.

Elsewhere on the internets:

In the “NO DUH” department, at Harper’s Bazaar: Actually, There Are “No Plans” for Meghan Markle to Return to Suits

NOW People is reporting that Charlotte Casiraghi did NOT break up with her partner, and they’re willing to sue anyone who says otherwise. Goodness, Charlotte! I believe you! (It will never fail to amuse me that the Royals of Monaco will literally just call up People and tell them stuff. It’s sort of refreshingly direct.)

At Tatler: Everything we know about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oxfordshire country house. (Not a ton.)

At Town & Country, this is interesting: The True Ending of The Favourite: In Real Life, Lady Marlborough Got the Last Laugh

Marshmallow Baron James Middleton’s Instagram is public and it’s nearly all dogs.

Late breaking James Middleton news! He wrote a very moving essay for the Daily Mail about his struggles with depression and ADD, and the benefits he’s gleaned from therapy. Good for him — it’s worth the click. (The essay is exclusive to the Mail, and they donated money to Pets as Therapy and Heads Together (the latter of which is of course the Sussex/Cambridge mental health initiative and the former of which explains the newly public Instagram in many ways.)

Speaking of social media developments:


Look who’s out being SENSIBLE:


I love Estelle:


Look at these muffins!





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