Can I just tell you, I’ve not known which day of the week it is all week? Working the Globes on Sunday got me totally off course. Speaking of, if you missed any of our coverage of the Golden Globes, it lives here, so catch up!

Do you need cozy slippers? We rounded up some of our favorites!

This was super interesting, at The Atlantic: Why a Medieval Woman Had Lapis Lazuli Hidden in Her Teeth

At Lainey, AS I PREDICTED, the Oscars are allegedly going host-less. All I know is, this Oscars ceremony already feels like it’s going to be a hot mess.

Also at Lainey, checking in on Pacey’s new romance.

This is sincerely news I can personally use, at Extra Crispy: I Tried 45 Oranges and This Is the Best One

This is fun, at Buzzfeed: Here’s What It’s Really Like To Be An Internet Advice Columnist

This week marks the 20th anniversary of the premiere of The Sopranos. At the NYT: David Chase on ‘The Sopranos,’ Trump and, Yes, That Ending.

At Pajiba: The Hollywood Power and Unknowable Force of Bradley Cooper

Really good, at The Root:  11 Thoughts About Surviving R. Kelly Now That I’ve Had a Chance to Process It All. I truly hope the earth opens up and swallows R. Kelly whole.

Even just the pics in this are worth a click, at the Hollywood Reporter. SO MANY OF THEM ARE AT DUBLIN’S, a bar I myself occasionally frequented back in the day: Before Social Media Killed Hollywood Nightlife: Never-Before-Seen Photos of Young Leonardo DiCaprio, Ryan Gosling and More

This is neat, at Hyperallergic: College Basketballer Poses to Lend an Ancient Roman Statue an Arm

At Celebitchy; Jamie Lee Curtis calls out the Fiji Water people for photobombing without permission. Oh my god, calm down, JLC. That kid was just going where the Fiji people wanted her to be. (AKA, in the line of the Getty photographers, which is why she didn’t end up in any of the shots we used.)

Really interesting, at The Goods: How Proactiv became the go-to mega-money endorsement deal for celebrities