Well! This was a surprise event — again, a surprise to me; I am sure Meghan was well aware of it. She and Kate have both been doing more unannounced engagements recently, and I have two theories about that: I think it might be, in general, a security issue (they’re safer if people don’t know where they’re going to be all the time), and for Meghan specifically, I would not be surprised if she’s trying to avoid a scenario where The Morally Corrupt Samantha Markle pops up to say hello in person. (Although I actually think Samantha Markle is a big old chicken and would never; she wants to bitch at a distance, not speak to anyone face-to-face.) ANYWAY, regardless: Meghan had a handful of new patronages announced today, and this is one of them. She is visiting an organization called Smart Works, which — per the linked palace press release — “helps long-term unemployed and vulnerable women regain the skills, confidence and tools to succeed at job interviews, return to employment and transform their lives.”  They do interview coaching and help dress and style women for their interviews, and while Meghan was there, she did some styling. That is a great cause!

Speaking of styling, while we are here, Meghan herself is sporting a new Oscar de la Renta trench that is very similar to like nine other trenches she owns (Meghan is to trench coats as Kate is to striped shirts and I GET IT, this is a pretty trench that lacks a waist and thus seems very apropos for a pregnant lady), a very reasonable tee-shirt dress that I kind of want for myself although it is maternity wear, and some VERY JAZZY PATTERNED SHOES (they are an older pair, but you can still buy them in houndstooth and they are half off, if these are things you might care about). Hello, Meghan. Are you reading this? ARE YOU?  I praise you for wearing an interesting shoe. I don’t even mind the clear bits! (My personal issue with clear plastic shoes is when you can see the toes all muggy and humid; these don’t seem as claustrophobic.)

Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Oh! Also, while we’re here, I got an email alert from our photo service that was like PRINCE PHILIP HAS TWO WEEKS TO LIVE!!! and yet there is literally no news reporting on this, all of which means that I think our photo service went to the grocery store this morning. Photo service, do not believe whatever The Globe is telling you. Last week, Camilla was begging Charles for his liver!

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