This week’s Royals Round-Up has feathered cuffs! Babies! Weird glasses! Drinking! People getting in a huff over Napoleon! And MORE!

ICYMI….there was A LOT happening this week.

You can catch up with EVERYTHING from William and Kate’s trip to Sweden and Norway here (and there are some fun bits and bobs I missed in today’s slideshow).

And Meghan wore a very slick lady-tux yesterday.

Elsewhere of interest:

Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank have set their wedding date for October 12th. (That is a Friday.) [BBC]

From our friends at Town & Country: Will Priyanka Chopra Be a Bridesmaid in Meghan Markle’s Wedding? (For her part, Priyanka is being very coy, but my guess is no. Although I do think she will be invited. And if she’s NOT invited, it might be because she is in a LOT of headlines talking about Meghan in super vague terms lately.)

Buzzfeed promises: Plan Your Day As A Princess And We’ll Reveal Your Perfect Prince. I got Peter Townsend?! THAT ENDS POORLY.

Asking the important questions, at The Cut: Is Meghan Markle in the Royal Family Group Chat Yet?

People’s cover story this week is: Inside Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Growing Friendship. I assume another publication somewhere is working on Inside Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s Bitter Feud.

At Hello, an article I’m irked that I didn’t think to write myself: Princess Stephanie’s eclectic style evolution in photos. (Yesterday was her birthday.)

At The Court Jeweller: ROMANIA LOOKING FOR QUEEN MARIE’S LOST JEWELS. That caps lock was unintentional, but I like that it gives an air of EXTRA, EXTRA! to this headline and thus I shall leave it.

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This is Princess Beatrix and her grandchildren and this is delightful:

Snazzy outfit!



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