Hello, friends! First of all:  If you’re in Southern California, Heather and I will be at The Ripped Bodice in Culver City on Saturday, February 3rd (tomorrow!), chatting with Fug National and friend Jasmine Guillory about her new book THE WEDDING DATE — and, I suspect, about Harry and Meghan’s wedding, among other things — at 5pm. Please come and say hello if you are around (and RSVP here if you’re inclined, although it’s not required to attend)! It will be a real Fug Nation extravaganza, and we would love to see you there. (We’ll also be signing The Royal We, while we’re there. Or whatever else you’d like us to sign — your boob, a Breton shirt, whatever — but TRW is the only book of ours that I would expect to be in stock.)

Also! Did you know we’re on Instagram? I speak the truth.

To read!

If you haven’t read this piece yet, I strongly recommend it: How to Not Die in America  [Splinter]

This is a really interesting piece at The New Yorker about the CEO of Penzy’s Spices.

I laughed out loud at this Lainey piece about Chris Pine and his flip phone: “It just seems like a guy who uses a flip phone in 2018 is a guy who is just waiting to lecture you on the perils of our technological society and social media and selfies and blah blah blah, don’t tell me how to live my life! Chris and I are already fighting.”

A great piece from Linda Holmes at NPR: ‘A.P. Bio’ And The Complications Of Context. I want to grab a pull-quote, but don’t want to spoil it — just read it.

This is neat, at Town & Country: Rarely Seen Photographs Reveal the Gilded Age Glory of the Frick When It Was a Private Home.

At Them.Us.: Elton John and Gucci Teamed Up for the Gayest Fashion Collection Ever. “Gucci’s decision to endorse this sort of eccentricity is twofold. In the world of  ‘big fashion,’ where businesses are beholden to profit margins, it’s certainly an attempt at differentiation. The Elton John partnership, which saw creative director Alessandro Michele debut a collection partially inspired by the singer last September, will certainly set the Florence-based label’s wares apart. But it can also be construed as championing John’s sartorial message: Be who you want to be, regardless of what the accepted ‘norm’ is. Live your life.”

At Collectors Weekly: What Not to Wear: The Deadliest Hats, Scarves, and Skirts in History. At least sheer dresses are not FATAL?

I appreciated this, at Racked: Skincare Is Good and Also Works

At Pajiba: 20 Famous Movie Lines Which Are Required By Law To Be Written in ALL CAPS

At Celebitchy: Robert Wagner is now a ‘person of interest’ in Natalie Wood’s 1981 death. I both can’t believe we’re still talking about this AND really interested in it. It seems unlikely to me that, as was claimed, Natalie Wood got up in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT in her NIGHTGOWN and decided to TAKE OUT A ROW BOAT when she DID NOT KNOW HOW TO SWIM. My own theory is that Wagner knows more than he’s ever said, but not that it was necessarily murder. Regardless: Poor Natalie.

Also at Lainey, this is juicy: Lorde and Jack Antonoff, the misdirect. There were BIs about them before Jack and Lena Dunham broke up, and I actually think there IS possibly something going on there, but they need to pretend there isn’t for a while, because they’re trying to avoid stories like LENA LEFT FOR LORDE.

At Revelist, I got very sucked into this story about lash lifts. I think I am too claustrophobic to ever do that?

And, finally, a late add, but you need to see this. I wept laughing at it. Kelly Clarkson is one of our greatest gifts. (If you don’t see the video below, a quick browser refresh will fix that.)