Harry’s back! (And other stuff.)

And, in case you missed it earlier this week, Kate had a bit of a wacky week: She pleased me with her sparkly accessories, and then she also ran around in culottes. She and Wills are going to Ireland next week, for a short visit that should be interesting. Harry and Meghan are also back next week for some engagements, and I look forward to being reunited with them!


These are some enjoyably fancy photos, via Tatler: Chic in excelsis, Princess Alexandra’s glamorous life

At T&C: There’s been a lot of blah blah lately about Harry and Meghan’s security expenses (Canada said this week that they’re not footing the bill, basically). I’m sure it’ll all work out! (Sincerely. I feel like it’s wholly possible — nay, probable — that all of this is going to work out fine in the end no matter what.)

Caity Weaver, at the NYT: A Royal Instagram Mystery (FWIW, this whole thing to me reads like a piece they worked really, really hard on but never managed to come to a conclusion: Might someone be buying Instagram followers? Yes! Might no one? Yes! It’s Schrodinger’s Instagram! In fact, I’d argue that a lot of the Harry and Meghan pieces right now are sort of just treading water; there isn’t really a ton of new info, we’re not gonna know how this is going for anyone for probably years, all the articles lately are like, “this event was shocking, how will it go??” Well — we don’t know. We’re in the middle of it. No one has a new thesis. )

And, speaking of social media:

Don’t worry. Harry may have chosen not to continue with senior royal duties BUT he’ll never stop wearing these shoes:

This pocket square is aces:

This is a good dress:

Euj is keeping on:

Apparently Sofia and C-P are in Cape Town:

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