Oh my god, you guys, this is a hoot. These pictures are so cute, and this event looked very fun, and her outfit is DEEPLY RANDOM for it. Y’all, if she’s gonna be in the racing blocks and literally running, let the woman wear some proper athleisure to this event! Ne’er in human history have there been more options that fall into the nether world of  “are those track pants??????? Or pants pants???????????”! I could have styled her for this. Did someone leave Wills in charge of outfits this week?

Having said that, I love those sneakers — they’re these from Marks & Spencer, so fairly reasonably priced; they’re ALSO sparkly, and between these and last night’s shoes, I’m beginning to think that actually the Bebes Cambridge are currently on shoe duty. Also, it turns out Kate can throw a punch, so maybe I should shut up!

ALL the clips from this event were fun. I can’t wait for the Olympics:

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