Storm is apparently in this movie, which is a new take on The Invisible Man that involves Elisabeth Moss being haunted, or hunted, or haunted, or hunted, or haunted-hunted, by her maybe-dead ex. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Invisible Man take all the way through. When I was a kid, I vaguely remember one being on TV — it has to have been this one; the Internet is magical — and I remember a scene where he dramatically pulled apart his face bandages to reveal nothing underneath and it was TERRIFYING TO ME. All of which is to say that maybe there’s a reason I don’t love horror or monster-esque movies, and that reason is: channel-surfing.

Anyhoo, Storm popped by the premiere in this Miu-Miu that has a Pageant Mermaid Princess feel to it, and I don’t love it on her. The color is pretty, but the beadwork on that partial overlay doesn’t seem as precise as it could be, and so the vibe is not nearly as cool and young as we know Storm to be. It’s not an unmitigated disaster, but it does look like she’s at the end of a teen Splash reboot having made her own Prom gown as an homage to the net that caught her.

'The Invisible Man' film premiere, Arrivals, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 24 Feb 2020

And Elisabeth picked a Tom Ford that’s too small, and yet at the same time, photographs as dowdy on her. I DO love the choppy long bob and sparkly shoes, though, so we are not without upside.

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