Welcome to the weekend, friends!

Do you wish you were still in bed? We rounded up some jammies for you!

At Saveur: Toothpaste is Our New Favorite Souvenir. I am totally going to start buying toothpaste on my travels! (I did discover my favorite deodorant whilst in London, and of course you can’t get it here.)

I’ve read several obits of NASA legend Katherine Johnson, who died this week. WaPo’s was excellent; I’d love to read others, so please share if you ran across a good one!

I turned to Lainey to explain to me what’s happening over at Disney right now.

I also always look to Lainey for all my Justin Timberlake content.

At Marker: How a Hot $100 Million Home Design Startup Collapsed Overnight

V. interesting, at Hyperallergic: The Layers of History Behind Raphael’s Tapestries at the Sistine Chapel

At Celebitchy: Jennifer Garner’s boyfriend is ‘uncomfortable’ with how much Ben talks about her. I’m sure he is!!

Fascinating: For Decades, Cartographers Have Been Hiding Covert Illustrations Inside of Switzerland’s Official Maps [AIA]

At Vulture: It Doesn’t Take Much to Be Seen As an Unruly Woman

Super interesting over at the V&A: History of the Cast Courts. I LOVE the cast courts, I think they are fascinating.