This week has ALL KINDS OF EVENTS: Wine-drinking, shoe-making, unexpected sportsfaces, tiny royal children, people possibly being thrown down wells, and (I’m pretty sure) the discovery of a dead body.

A plethora of things happened this week:

Harry and Meghan had an event earlier today, and it involved a pattern!

Meghan wore an all-black Givenchy look yesterday that was a bit divisive.

Meghan was monochrome on Wednesday with great success!

Kate re-wore my favorite of her coats, the tartan Alexander McQueen


At Town & Country: Everyone in the royal family hates Buckingham Palace and doesn’t want to live there. (I’ve long heard that Chaz plans to stay at Clarence House and just make BP open to the public year round/only use it for events and balcony requirements, and honestly this makes sense to me. Why make everyone move?! [Where Wills and Kate will live when Chaz shuffles off this mortal coil, of course, is a whole other ball of wax. If I may mix several metaphors.])

This was SO interesting, at The Goods: Why everybody wears plaid in Scotland

At Vanity Fair, I enjoyed these decorating LOGISTICS:  The Queen Is Gifting Priceless Artwork to Harry and Meghan

Related, at InStyle: We Know Exactly When Meghan and Harry Are Moving Out (my edit is to note it’s not EXACTLY).

Elle had an (I think) interesting and well done take on Hello!’s Hello to Kindness project (which is basically just Hello! — and I mean this less cynically that it is going to read — branding a statement in which they ask royal watchers to PLEASE JUST BE COOL).

At Hello!, I thought this was really interesting — it’s a look at the way Chaz and Camz introduced her to the public as his Official Ladyfriend. Talk about a PR challenge.

At InStyle; Prince George Just Introduced Himself to a Stranger Using a Surprising Nickname. I am into this little nickname!

At British Vogue: Ahead Of The Curve: An Ode To The Duchess Of Cambridge’s Now-Signature Headbands

Celebitchy reports that the Queen has been loyal to her handbag for 50 years.

And, in social media:

I do not know what’s happening here, but he seems delighted!

These are some trousers!

I also don’t know what’s happening here, but it’s glam! (The Danes had English captions on their Insta for like two days, two days I appreciated.) Google Translate gave me basically gibberish in English, but I think they’re going to a military ball:

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