What a week! I am exhausted.

The SAGs were Sunday — it feels like one million years ago! — and you can catch up with our coverage here, if you missed any of it.

We rounded up some cute and cozy sweaters, if you’re in the market.

And we had a GREAT Afternoon Chat yesterday about money-saving tips and tricks.

SUPER interesting at The New Statesman:  “Ugly, gouty, fat”: the problem of Queen Anne’s body

At Lainey, this is amazing: “It was announced earlier this week that there’s a Celine Dion movie happening and some people are calling it a biopic. It’s not really a biopic…but it is based on Celine. What?” You just…really need to read about this. I can’t wait.

I really enjoyed this interview with Angie Thomas (who wrote The Hate U Give, which I HIGHLY recommend, and who has a new book coming out called On The Come Up this month). [New York Times]

Super interesting, at CityLab: London’s Surprisingly Rich History of Transit Textile Design

This interview with Dr. Ruth at Vulture is DELIGHTFUL.

I found this piece about She’s All That and M. Night Shyamalan’s part in its most climatic scene very interesting! [Decider]

Also at Lainey: There is a rumor that Michael B. Jordan and Kiki Layne are dating, and while I ship him with Lupita, I could ALSO easily ship him with Kiki! (The use of the phrase “canoodling to the max” in that story also delighted me.)

Because I know y’all love articles about travel logistics, and so do I! At The Stripe: Life-Saving Trips for Red-Eye Flights!

This is a super compelling story at Chicago Magazine about how an Olympic cyclist took to robbing banks. On his bike.

At Pajiba, am I going to see this Fast and the Furious spin-off with Idris Elba, the Rock, and Jason Statham? OBVIOUSLY, yes, I fully am. It looks like perfect summer crashy-crashy, punchy-punchy, explode-y fun, and also I really enjoy each of those actors.

The Atlantic is answering the important questions: This Is What Happens When You Drunkenly Swallow a Live Catfish. (In all seriousness, this is really interesting.)

This is also very important to me, at the Washington Post: We tried 20 store-bought mac and cheese brands to determine which is the best (and the absolute worst).

Very memorable, at The Week: The lost art of memorization.