Cue choir of angels! The Earl and Countess of Strathearn — as they’re called in Scotland — went to Dundee today to open the V&A Dundee , which is the only V&A that’s not….you know, the V&A. Kate is the patron of the V&A, which is maybe her patronage of which I am most jealous. Do you think they let you into the back rooms to look at the rest of the cake-server collection, or try on the jewelry? (I love the V&A.  It has so much stuff.) Kate gave a speech:

Then they had a little walkabout, before meeting with employees of the Dundee Michelin Factory, which is closing down. The Dundee Michelin Action Group is basically (as far as I can tell) trying to figure out what to do so all these people aren’t suddenly totally unemployed. Jobs are a good cause for them to be coming out to support. Wills looks SERIOUSLY IRKED about the whole thing:

The last time they were in Dundee, Kate stole a boat. This time, she has popped up in MY FAVORITE of her coats — a coat we love so much, it makes a cameo in The Royal We.  We truly are getting a Greatest Hits of Kate lately and I am delighted. (It’s also, obviously, apt to wear your tartan coat to Scotland.) BLACK WATCH TARTAN COAT FOREVER! (This exact coat is, of course, mega-old and no longer for sale, but a place called [appropriately] The Scotland Shop is selling a duplicate called The Kate Coat that yes, I kinda want. Also Ralph Lauren is selling a black watch cape that is very appealing.)

Today does bring with it new accessories, though: This MAD CUTE little green handbag that (in my head) Meghan gave Kate for Christmas (it’s not sold out yet as I type this), and SCARVES FOR ALL. (Apparently, it’s cold in Scotland today.)

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