First of all, this was Meghan’s first visit to the National Theatre since she’s taken over from the Queen as its patron, and that seems like a very wise marriage of patron and patronage. It looked fun — she got to go backstage and get all LOGISTICS-Y with them, which (as you all know too well) is all I personally would want to do. (That is, if they weren’t going to let me take on a part, which I guess they probably would not despite my history as the co-head of my high school’s drama society having well prepared me to take the boards at any moment!) There were also a lot of rehearsal sat in on and whatnot, and between this and Kate’s visit to the Royal Ballet, I really do feel like 2019 is the year of Duchesses Re-Enacting Various Moments from Noel Streatfeild Books. The hot question on royal watchers lips, then, must be which duchess shall be unexpectedly cast in The Secret Garden while being irritated in California?!?

There is, as ever, much enjoyable video and snaps:

And, onto her clothing: The dress and blazer are both Brandon Maxwell (whom Meghan loves). I believe one of you went to high school with Brandon Maxwell and I hope his personal Facebook is just chockablock of pictures with him helping Meghan (and Lady Gaga, and Michelle Obama) try on outfits. Am I sort of surprised she’s not wearing more maternity clothing at this point in her pregnancy? Kind of, but the world is full of surprises and she’ll probably show up at tomorrow’s event in head-to-toe Pea in the Pod now that I’ve said that. (ARE YOU THERE, MEGHAN? Do it.) The bag is Carolina Herrera (we last saw her carry it at Trooping the Colour, per Meghan’s Mirror); the shoes are her fave Altazzuras that she’s had for yonks and honestly the more she wears that brand the more I think it must be freakishly comfortable and I need some, but I do not need any more shoes); the earrings are these and they’re great and this, my friends, is why I violently re-pierced my own ears.  Let us discuss! First on my agenda: What color would you say this look is? Because I’m going with “pale blush.” (Brandon Maxwell went with the very dull “neutral.” At the very least, be art-y about it and call it “pigmentary absence” or some such.)

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