We have MUCH to cover this week, from terrible pants to sparkly tiaras. So let’s not waste any time.

Also, if you missed it, we had a lot of royals coverage earlier in the week. Like:

Harry and Meghan attended an event and her look was not very popular.

Then they attended ANOTHER event and she looked GREAT!

We also read the new Andrew Morton biography of Meghan, and now you don’t have to!

Harry and Meghan have another event tomorrow — Saturday — so stay tuned for that, and, of course, Baby Cambridge The Third should be here at any moment.


This is an interesting piece in The Guardian:  ‘Team Meghan’ helps Markle prepare for life as a princess. You know I love logistics!

I’m sure you saw this piece on Buzzfeed alleging that Prince Harry wore a Golden Girls sweatshirt. I WANT TO BELIEVE!

Harry and Meghan made the Time 100 list this year.

At People: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Just Made a Huge Commitment to Champion LGBT Issues. That’s good!

Also courtesy of our friends at People: Meghan Markle’s Pre-Royal Wedding Beauty Regimen — Straight from Her Glam Squad. This is news we can use, but also: I WANT TO KNOW PRODUCTS, YOU GUYS!

I enjoyed this, at Town & County: I’m an American Who Married into the British Aristocracy. Here’s My Advice for Meghan Markle.

Also, this is sort of a hoot, also at T&C: Meghan Markle Did Impeccable Calligraphy for My Wedding Invitations

And I am REAL JEALOUS of Harry and Meghan’s alleged honeymoon plans. REAL JEALOUS. [Travel & Leisure]

And, on social media:


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