We continue to be Kate-less, as she and William are in the Maldives right now. I love them, as you guys know, but she was on vacation with her parents fairly recently, and the instant I read that they were on vacay again, I thought, “certain segments are going to give them a hard time for this,” and they already are. These two have a habit of taking a vacation before starting a long work trip — they’ve got that three-week tour in April coming up, which sounds lovely but will also be loads of people up in their respective grills — but this second honeymoon feels like it might be a little bit of a PR misstep coming so close on the heels of another vacation, especially since William is supposed to be in school. I mean, trust, if I could take multiple mid-winter tropical trips, I would, but you feel me. I’m not entirely sure the thought process here was entirely solid, is what I am saying. Their anniversary is the week they get back from Australia and NZ, so my personal theory is that they decided to jaunt off for some alone time while they could and weren’t miserably jet-lagged with a jet-lagged infant, but if I, rando American ladyblogger (who is, in fairness, writing a book about Royal Shenanigans) can predict the side-eye, then someone being paid for Public Side-Eye Predictions could also have done so. Maybe their Public Side-Eye Predictors are EVIL! Wait, let me write that down….

…okay, I’m back. All that being said, the good news is that Prince Harry is making up for it by rolling around in camo pants, and going places with Cressida (which, meh, I am still unsold on her, but let’s discuss; this is the first time she’s officially been at a public event with him, so it’s possible my vote doesn’t count) and also there are robots and Victorian orphans and bonus Idris Elba because WHY NOT. IT’S FRIDAY.

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