Now that the Oscars are over, a young Fug National’s fancy turns to thoughts of madness. Fug Madness, specifically, which kicks off in approximately two weeks.

What is this Fug Madness, you ask? We have the answers for you in this helpful FAQ. It is not a disease. (Yet.) Heather and I will be retreating into our secret bunker on Saturday to select the 64 celebrities whose sartorial efforts of the last year have been heinous enough to grant them purchase into one of the Internet’s oldest (and certainly one of its meanest) March bracketology offerings. But we couldn’t do it without you: Please, look through our archives and peer deep into your cold dead judgmental hearts and let us know who you think deserves a place in Go Fug Yourself’s 7th Annual Fug Madness tournament. Remember, Fug Madness only includes the most recent Oscars, so this year the period of eligibility will be from February 25, 2013, to March 2, 2014 — in other words, anything worn at an event after 2013’s Oscar night, and nothing worn at an event that took place after this most recent Oscars.

Heidi Klum, for example, is not eligible for this outfit, which won her Worst Dressed at last year’s Oscars, because it was included in Fug Madness 2013. And Cher is not eligible for this, because she wore it in 2004:

(I really have just been waiting for an excuse to show that to you.) 

A note: Here at GFY, we have something we call The Britney Rule, namely that we occasionally exclude a celebrity from that year’s Fug Madness if they’ve spent the year having very strange, yet indisputable and highly public, personal problems. The “indisputable and highly public” clause in the Rule is its “beyond a reasonable doubt” corollary, and therefore, it actually takes quite a lot of Bad Idea Jeans-Wearing to invoke The Britney Rule — Lindsay Lohan never quite qualified in part because so many of her issues were primarily diagnosed via speculation, but Rihanna did during The Year of  The Chris Brown Thing — and after some discussion, we’ve decided on a 2014 exclusion: last year’s champion, Justin Bieber. Most of his photos from the eligible period have been tied to his various disastrous headlines, and he’s put together a string of those that are beginning to rival Britney’s shaved-head umbrella-jabbing phase. If being denied an opportunity to defend his title isn’t enough to scare that kid straight, then we don’t know what will, and so we are sitting him out this round.

Aside from that: Who do you think deserves to battle it out and prove that his or her fug reigns supreme? Hit us up in the comments.

[Photo: Splash]