I don’t know what’s happened to Zooey D here — she’s riding high on having a sitcom on the fall schedule, she’s extra excited her sister is having a baby, she got a new stylist, or she’s just overjoyed to no longer be the voice of Cotton: The Fabric of Our Lives (no offense, Cotton, I’m wearing you now) – but she went out this weekend with nary a dark tight, and also looked basically adorable.

First, last night, at the Winnie the Pooh premiere — the very first hipster Winnie the Pooh, judging from its use of Keane in the trailer. Like, I really like Keane and I LOVE that song but that’s a band tailor-made for trailers in which, like, Jesse Eisenberg cries in the rain on a pier while his girlfriend leaves him for some preppy dude.  Anyway, behold Ms Zooey:

Cute, right? I feel like she looks like she should be on the cover of Lonny, starring in a story about, say, her re-done breakfast room called “Zooey’s Breezy Los Angeles Brunch!” and holding a plate of crumpets in one hand a pitcher of Bloody Marys in the other. My rule of thumb is: if your dress goes with a cocktail, I’M SOLD.

And earlier this weekend:

I BELIEVE this is the Oscar de la Renta that Heather and I decided Hailee Steinfeld should wear to the Oscars.  That didn’t happen, but I’ll take this — I LOVE this dress. I want to curl up with it at the back of my closet for the rest of the summer.