“Great. So first everyone is saying Ben is a degenerate gambler and lousy poker player. Then they all decided that I looked pregnant. And now he ditched me and I’m at an event with his crazy ex-fiance, who keeps walking past me with an ever-larger collection of plastic knives and hissing stuff about having a womb for two. AND, another actress who played a spy for J.J. Abrams is here, wearing a similar color, as if I don’t have enough to think about right now. OW. Seriously, can somebody please stop giving that Lopez woman utensils? I think she just stabbed my ass with a fork, and I swear I heard her say she’d send it back for being overcooked. I need a restraining order.”

Which blue is best?

  • Jennifer's (30%, 2,820 Votes)
  • Gugu's (30%, 2,876 Votes)
  • Eh to both. (6%, 539 Votes)
  • YAY to both (24%, 2,293 Votes)
  • I miss Alias. (10%, 931 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,459

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