Meghan and Harry have, I think, been rain whisperers for this entire trip. It drizzled on them in Australia, in Fiji I think, and in New Zealand on their Monday/our Sunday. Can they please stop in California on the way home? They don’t even need to come by and say hi; we just need some water to come from the sky.

Things started out on a very breezy note. Meghan deployed her Outlands with a sweater by Jac + Jack that seems to be gone from their website already, and a Club Monaco trench that I actually thought was a cardigan at first. It’s very much in keeping with her coat tastes. She may have as many robe coats as Kate has Bretons. She also has some new Stuart Weitzman boots — the Veruka style, which I guess is for when you want them now, Daddy. And yes, on the same day, Jessica Mulroney wore the same ones in a different color on Instagram. Not an accident, I don’t think; as far as anyone knows, she is still Meghan’s stylist. (She also has a new job as GMA’s fashion person, FYI, and I wonder if that means her days of styling La Sussex will come to an official end soon. That feels way more public than a royal stylist tends to be; in fact, I’ve long wondered if this arrangement was always meant to be a temporary comfort for Meghan, with the bonus hopes that it’d boost JM globally before it ended.)(And no, I’m not trying to be “mean” about Mulroney. Whatever my feelings about the job she’s doing, that seems like a fair observation.)

Meghan seems to have kept the sweater and jeans for the later outing, but swapped in a coat people think is by Seasalt Cornwall (I can’t find it but it’s reminiscent of this red one) and a pair of kicks by Stella McCartney and adidas that are so similar to the Vejas she wore in Australia that I can’t figure out why she didn’t just pull out those.

For their last event of the day, Meghan picked a coat-style minidress by New Zealand designer Maggie Marilyn, which I believe is a custom sleeveless version of the Leap of Faith style and I am very proud of myself for figuring the latter part out alone at half-midnight when our usual sources (understandably) weren’t awake. Also that title is apt, because given that we’re inching back toward “Whoops this is a bit snug,” it TOOK a leap of faith to wear it. My thought about her clothes had been that the first half of the trip was dodgier because they didn’t anticipate physical changes quite so soon, but the second half has been smoother because they KNEW that by now she’d be developing in some kind of way and were more prepared for it. This balls up that theory and chucks it out the window at a passing motorist.

From social media, beginning with their first engagement:

Harry dropped the “b” word:

I bet Meghan loved seeing this:

And here you can see the Maggie Marilyn in motion:

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