Spy has been on cable rotation recently, and it’s become a movie I cannot resist if I want some background noise while I work. And each time, as if it’s somehow new information, I say to myself, “Rose Byrne is so freaking funny in this.” Also, her name is Rayna in it, and it makes me want a road-trip comedy with that Rayna and Connie Britton’s Rayna Jaymes. Which… well, I guess it’s too late for that now, but in my head it’s still possible, perhaps as a period piece. The period in question being, like, last year.

This dress is Rosie Assoulin, not a brand I have historically loved, which may be why I’m extra tickled by it. I like to be surprised, and I think Assoulin has inched ever so slightly away from pointless volume and into stuff that’s more appealing to me while also making a modicum of sense. There’s artistry here, but it’s not swallowing her up; rather, it’s giving her the space to bloom too. I can, and might, pick the nit that I wish I wasn’t staring at so much lining near the bottom — it is skirting being sloppy, pun intended — but the overall vibe and her majestic lipstick really save it.

So much loveliness.

I am deeply bummed we do not have this purple look, and that her stylist hasn’t yet posted it to social media, because I want us to examine it without requiring a click. ALAS. But Penny, who is on a busy roll with Rose and Anne Hathaway right now, did post this Marc Jacobs getup:

And it is also super sassy. I’m thinking this style marriage has hit a very sweet period.

With one possible exception:

Renee Elise Goldsberry looks great, and I am way into Oprah’s spectacles phase, but Rose looks like her grandmother crocheted her a bra and she wasn’t sure how else to deploy it without hurting any feelings.

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