We’re seeing such a pleasant influx of patterns lately, from Jennifer Hudson to Rose Byrne this morning, to Rhea here. I love this, and think she looks utterly dishy in it. Bob Odenkirk is correct to point with enthusiasm in her direction.

I am behind on Better Call Saul — our DVR kept deleting them before we could get to them, and it took us this long to collect the ones we’d missed from season two and remember to change the season pass to Do Not EVEN Delete These — but it’s not a spoiler to tell you that I love her character, and am perhaps unhealthily emotionally invested in her and Jimmy, because this is a prequel to a show in which she did not appear. So watching the show is fraught for me; every time I love it or root for things, my brain is like, “BUT REMEMBER?” It’s like the opposite of a hate-watch. Instead of watching something because I’m fascinated by — and learning from — what I don’t like about it, I’m nervous about watching this because I might like it too much. What a bizarre little flip.

Also, I realize stuff may have happened in season three that mitigates that or makes it irrelevant; I am spoiler-free, so please don’t tell me because I AM going to catch up. I am. I AM.

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