In an Orla Kiely frock last seen in February of 2012, deployed with the same shoes and possibly the same bag, even:

It’s still cute. Who amongst us doesn’t have an outfit with which generally we wear the exact same accessories? I do like to think of Kate having, like Cher Horowitz, some kind of app to remind her which booties she wears with which coatdress — or, to be more old-school, that she keeps a diary of everything she wore each day, much as we discovered was the habit of Corky Sherwood on Murphy Brown. I believe that marks the first Murphy Brown reference I’ve ever made on this blog, after nine-plus years, but don’t worry. I’ve got a million of them. Wait until someone goes out dressed as a housepainter. (Get it on Netflix, youngsters. Although I don’t think it’s on Netflix. [Cue sad trombone.] Wait for it to pop up on Nick at Nite, youngsters.)

[Photo: Getty]