I saw this and thought, “Ugh, these are some heinous dryer sheets.”

And of course it turns out I made a laundry-themed crack about it when it came down the runway. At least I’m consistent? I mean, this really IS basically the love child that sprang from the orgy of the Bed and Bath and Beyond departments.

She does get credit for the lipstick and the shoes, though. Which is my way of chucking something positive into the mix before we sour it again with this Giambattista Valli:

There are about three different potential dresses in here, each of which would have been cuter than The Island of Dr. Mor-ew up there. Like, the skirt and the tweed, or even the skirt and the aqua. There’s two right there. Sometimes the race to be a conversation piece passes Go, collects its $200, and then blows it on another sale at Mood.

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