As someone who covered Fashion Week for many, many seasons, allow me to say definitively that THE QUEEN HERSELF is, without a doubt, the most surprising and unexpected surprise guest you could have in your front row. A score of front row reporters all collectively must have fallen out of their chairs; I mean, I almost died the time Diane Kruger brought Pacey to Tommy Hilfiger. THIS IS A DELIGHT.

And I need to know all the logistical answers. Did Her Majesty wander downstairs for the end of the fashion reception that Kate and Sophie hosted at Buckingham Palace yesterday, and then run into Anna waiting for her car to be pulled around, where they then fell into a chatty convo culminating in the Queen musing that she’d quite like to see a fashion show again, and Anna offering to take her to the next one she was attending? Did the Queen just call up Anna this morning and say, “what are you up to today, Anna? I’m SO BORED here.”?  My favorite theory (which I know isn’t accurate so leave me alone) is that she just SHOWED UP and one of the PR girls had to run to find the most-senior feeling British fashion person in the place to keep her company, and that person was (obviously) Anna Wintour.

I do hope this means the Queen is angling for the cover of American Vogue. Not for Meghan, not for Kate. FOR HERSELF.

(Don’t worry. I have the actual reason, if not the specific logistics, inside the slideshow. But it’s fun to speculate, no?)

[Photos: Yui Mok/PA, Matt Crossick/PA Images/]