The last time we saw these two in such close quarters (not counting holidays, obvs), Sophie very nearly fell on Kate’s lap. I’m sure they’re both relieved they didn’t have a repeat of that at this event (although it was really quite amusing). I like the idea of the two of them doing engagements together, though; Sophie often wears very interesting things, and she actually gets out there quite a bit, but she doesn’t get nearly the coverage that Kate does (in the literal sense that not as many photographers are sent to cover her engagements, presumably because not as many publications are willing to pay for Sophie pics, while basically everyone will buy pictures of Kate). I feel like they could be a formidable team, and it’s fun to mix up who does engagements with whom in the royal family. I wish they’d do it more often — Harry, go track down wrong-doers with Anne! Meghan, go plant this tree with Charles!  — and maybe this is a sign that they’re going to.

Clothing-wise: Kate is in Erdem AGAIN (she must have bought out the shop!) and Sophie is in Burberry. I think they both look quite nice, actually.

We’ve naturally got video. I would never deny you Anna Wintour:

This event looks really neat:


You can see all the looks that have been created here and read more about the designers; from what I understand, they’re all at Buckingham Palace right now, and then will be dispatched to different places around London.

[Photos:  Dominic Lipinski/PA Images/