There were some AMAZING gowns in this particular Elie Saab couture show, and I have to be frank: I’m not totally sure this is the one I would have picked for Angelina. I would have liked to have seen her in this one; she works best for me when she leans into her Maleficent side, and this is edging toward a bit more Glinda The Good Witch. But let’s get real: What I REALLY want to talk about is a suggestion I saw on Twitter recently, and I think it came from one of you geniuses. You posited that now that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are dunzo, and Brad and Angelina are divorced, the time has come for JEN AND ANGELINA TO DATE. This is all that I want now. Can you IMAGINE? First of all, every tabloid in existence would burst into excited flames. Second, I think it would terrify Brad and even though I am not particularly anti-Brad, the idea of him spending this spring wandering around Cloooney’s place on Lake Como nervously wondering what Jen and Angelina are talking about, while Amal works on some very important legal brief and rolls her eyes, and George nods absently and wonders if there’s some internship he forgot to go to,  pleases me. Let’s put this out into the universe.

[Photo: Moloshok/imageSPACE/SHM/REX/Shutterstock ]