Is the life cycle of a dress just under four years? Because that’s about where we are with this one, which Posh so notably wore in 2006, and Bar Refaeli recycled for yesterday’s Roberto Cavalli event.

Roberto Cavalli Party - Inside Photocall PFW Ready To Wear S/S 2011
It hasn’t aged into glory — to my eyes, it still looks like something that was chipped off the wall of the closet in Windsor Castle where Queen Victoria kept all her best fans. And since Posh looked person-colored and had the luxury of being blotted before the photo, I’m giving her the win here. Also, she’s Posh. Bar Refaeli might be Leonardo DiCaprio’s arm candy of choice, and a lovely girl in her own right, but La Beckham she is not — and thus, it takes guts to walk in her wallpaper.