Right on cue: Fug Nation just discussed whether Allison’s Very Very Pretty Yet Safe styling choices were getting boring, and then she served us this at the PCAs:

Let’s start at the bottom: She picked GREAT shoes to go with this. Where I suspect, most people would’ve punted with plain white pointy-toed heels, she found shoes that tie into the outfit, yet also make themselves distinct. It’s a creative use of neutrals. And the dress itself is equally well-chosen; it makes me think of a giant wearable musical instrument. She probably set herself up for a lot of pick-up lines from horndogs offering to tune her, strum her, or pluck her, but: worth it. She also picked a good show to try and funk it up a little – if it works, great, and if it doesn’t, well, it’s just the People’s Choice Awards, so she could reboot in Safe Mode for the next one. No need for that, though, Allison; keep it coming and let’s see what you’ve got, okay?

[Photo: Getty]