Heather and I just got home from a business trip  — I am writing this at WHAT TIME IS IT?? O’Clock so you can read it first thing — and I joked to her at the baggage claim that I was just going to write one angry word for each post. Like, “NO.” And “Whaaaaaa???”  And “YIKES.” But I cannot keep myself to one word with this thing:

Well, if I did, maybe it would be “BOOBS.” But it’s really more like, “Hey, look who’s newly single and also really wants you to watch her sitcom!” Shall we see the full-length view?

I sincerely wondered, when I saw this, if it were on backwards. This is just awkward on her, so desperate, like a lady wrestler trying to break into mainstream acting. Also, ABC picked up her sitcom for the season, so she has a LITTLE breathing room before she needs to whip out both the stops, so to speak. Friends don’t let friends suffer from Premature Desperation Boob.

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