And this is for the Big Bang Theory fans that I know are out there:

On a night when so many people wore blahs, those ladies spun that color wheel like Pat Sajak was watching. Kaley’s outfit is pretty good, although the shoes might be a touch too much, and her hair looks sexy-tousled rather than insane; Mayim’s outfit is beautiful on her and is another elegant way to comply with her personal religious beliefs; Melissa’s is a little overwrought for me, and I’m not sure there’s that much design there so much as draping that verges on being a swaddle. (And the less said about the fit of Jim Parsons’s jacket, the better.) But I appreciate the ladies for keeping it merry and bright even though Christmas is beyond being in the rearview mirror. Because seriously, if the Globes on Sunday go down Neutral Street the way this event did, I may just have to give up and program a macro that types for me, “I just wish it were a color.”