I feel as though the fabness of this dress has a proper context…

… and that context may not be Julia Roberts. It belongs on, say, your fabulous old Aunt Peggy, who drinks scotch neat and used to sing cabaret in New Orleans and once lost her soul to jazz and maybe has a child named Jazz, and has at least three boats named after her, and smoked two packs a day from a skinny holder and still wears heels and brilliantly obvious wigs and sounds like ten pounds of gravel and gives you hugely inappropriate sexual advice and is basically a total kick and probably in fact goes by Kick among friends. Julia Roberts is too young to be Aunt Peggy, but somehow she seems not to know that.

She does, however, seem keen to be Aunt Leggy. Jess and I were just saying that she dresses like a woman who, right now, has the most confidence in her legs, and that she may well go as far into awards season as possible without wearing a long skirt. We’ll find out Sunday. In the meantime:

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  • Fab on someone else. (21%, 2,127 Votes)
  • Julia is actually what makes it work for me (15%, 1,539 Votes)
  • Meh. (21%, 2,148 Votes)
  • It's a no, Julia. (24%, 2,435 Votes)

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