Can you imagine falling into a coma in, say, 1955 and opening your eyes fifteen years later to see this? My goodness! Welcome to the future, friend!

Informative Caption will make it even more eye-opening:

Three designs for British nurses by couturier Pierre Cardin, on show outside Seymour Hall in London, 26th October 1970. From left to right, Sally Over wears a full-length pink uniform with a white skullcap and crescent-shaped front pocket, Aggie Walsh wears a lemon yellow uniform with matching tie belt and a circular cap, and Vonnie wears a white bolero and mini skirt over a pastel green body stocking, for the operating theatre.

While I’d truly love to hear from any nurses in Fug Nation as to whether or not they’d like to appear in the operating theatre wearing a bolero (!), a mini skirt (!!), and a pastel green body stocking (!!!!!!!!!!!), what I also fervently hope is that the costume designer for Grey’s Anatomy is paying very close attention.

(Photo by Leonard Burt/Central Press/Getty Images)