Olivia Rodrigo, fairly freshly 18, performed on SNL this weekend and did a very good job. The sound mix on that show is always a little off, and WHAT a stage for someone who is new to all this, but bravo to her: She was clearly singing live. She also dressed her age — up there, she’s in a very early aughts style of dress (seriously, didn’t Laney Boggs wear that in red to go to the big high school party in She’s All That?) with a semi-inexplicable long-sleeve t-shirt (maybe it was cold?) and very sensible kicks. (I want to know more about her sunnies.)(The dress is an Ashley Williams cat print.)(Was that enough parentheticals?)(No, it wasn’t.)

She went with a similar aesthetic to belt “Driver’s License” on-stage:

She ditched the undershirt and upgraded the shoes to something fancier, but the style is really similar (this one is apparently vintage Prada). She looks totally cute. I wonder how much of her choices are informed by her still being a Disney employee (she’s on High School Musical: The Musical: The Show) and how much is just her sticking to who she is and not racing to look 35.

For her second tune — a punkier one that sounds a weeeee bit like it borrows from a Paramore song — she very aptly picked a Vivienne Westwood plaid situation:

Still uncontroversial, but with a tiny bit more style and edge, something she ALSO tried in a whole DIFFERENT NYC getting-out-of-the-car scenario:

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - May 13, 2021

That beading is very cool, and the boots are very stompy. I approve and will now resume wailing “REEEED LIGHT. STOOOOP SIGN” while I clean my kitchen.

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