I have complicated feelings about Diane Keaton: There’s my personal distaste for Woody Allen, whom she still seems to defend — just putting that out there because I know it will come up — but also her quirky-as-hell and cheerfully capsy Instagram account, and also, I have a huge soft spot for Father of the Bride. These things are not equal, but merely indicative of the balancing act that so often comes with paying attention to celebrities these days. Everyone’s mileage will and does vary on almost everyone. The point is, I found myself grinning at the sight of this outfit steeped in Noted Kookery, and a grin is welcome. This is admittedly less structured than Diane Keaton’s outfits usually are, but it’s black and white — her favorite — and comically oversize, and totally bananas for a 90-degree day (why is a turtleneck in play, Diane?!?), and there’s a round hat. Trends may come and go, Covid my surge and ebb, but even in isolation Diane Keaton remains the same.

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