At this point, Informative Caption claims that Rita was “the only female performer to have won all four prestigious show business awards: the Oscar, the Emmy, the Grammy and the Tony.” (You can tell this caption was written before we commonly started calling it the EGOT), but they were wrong — Helen Hayes eked out a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album in February 1997, completing her EGOT a few short months before Rita won the Emmy that completed hers. But did Helen Hayes wear a great sunhat and a lot of bracelets to get her star on the Walk of Fame? I ASSUME THAT SHE DID NOT.

Rita Moreno poses for photos after receiving her s

And with different shoes, I feel like you could put these wide-legged pants and this crop top on any number of Hollywood starlets right this second and no one would bat a single eye.

[Photo: Vince Bucci/AFP via Getty Images]