Kate and Scott were promoting Underworld at the 2003 Comic-Con — and to ground you in their lives at this point, Kate was two years post-Serendipity and Scott was a year out of Felicity. When this popped up on Getty, the first thing I saw was the giant black ribbon around Kate’s neck, an incongruous and unworthy flourish that only makes sense if it was keeping her head attached. Then I went to her (stained?) cargo pants, which appear to have actual small clutch purses hanging out around her calves. Kate in her current form would show up to the opening of a door in a big ol’ ballgown, so the sight of her in casualwear was a surprising memory. Luckily for her, though, I didn’t dwell on any of that, because my eyes went to Scott’s jeans and I screamed. Remember the days when we all just walked around on too-long hems until our heels ripped them apart? And then we kept wearing them anyway? Why did we DO that? He looks like your genial college weed hookup who is mysteriously on his sixth year there, which is not, perhaps, how I would expect a person to show up to work. But I guess in 2003 we were hot for derelicte hems.

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