Naomi is promoting a new movie called Luce — something about a couple “reconsidering their image of their adopted son” after he writes a disturbing school essay, which… is totally not a movie I am likely to see. But! I am happy to see Naomi herself, reliably chic by day and reliably unreliable by night. Here, she’s in an Oscar de la Renta ensemble, I believe. The accessories are very good and the effect is very polished. I do worry that the coat is fighting the skirt, or at least making it difficult to suss out what exactly is happening underneath it — and, is it no longer unbearably back-breakingly hot there? The layers seem an unlikely choice in July, and after the recent weather especially. Pop off the coat, love, so we can see what mischief the dress hem is really up to. Deal?

At the premiere, she wore a Preen outfit:

NY Premiere of 'Luce'

Her head looks marvelous, the shoes are great, and the dress makes me feel like I’m in Alice in Wonderland and I just drank something I didn’t actually see the bartender prepare.