Catherine Zeta-Jones was awarded something called the Freedom of the City in Swansea, Wales, which InStyle tells me is an honor akin to getting the key to the city. But I guess without any actual symbolic hardware. More’s the pity! I LOVE symbolic hardware. Anyway, Catherine seems unperturbed. She brought along her son Dylan — Carys got the Town & Country cover; maybe they drew straws — and her husband, a man named Michael who’s done some acting.

I have some tweaks with this first outfit — namely, I’d take it up a couple inches, and obviously go on a shoe exploration, although she tied these in with her purse and maybe she didn’t have room for very many options because she was leaving hopeful room in her suitcase for some symbolic hardware. But her evening look is stunning:

Catherine Zeta-Jones receives honourary Freedom of the City and County of Swansea, UK - 24 Jul 2019

It might be a tad tight, but I’m not fussed. I think she looks like the proverbial million bucks, and now I want to go watch Chicago again and watch her purr vindictively all over the prison. That was an Oscar well-earned.

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