Do we think Julianne Moore has a whole new STYLIST, or just that she’s locked and loaded and ready to win her first Oscar and REFUSES to mess around and will not stand for baloney? Because usually, her ratio of good to bad is heavily tipped in the WTF direction, but this season she’s turning the tables.

This is cool, glittery, seems to have a great texture, and is laced with enough kook to keep it interesting but not so much that it unhinges its jaw and swallows her whole. (Also, not for nothing, this was shown with matching bike shorts — a la that infamous Lupita outfit — and Julianne wisely opted to leave those at home.) My struggle, as you can imagine, is with Ye Olde Toppe Knotte. Every topknot has its place, but… I’m going to say nine times out of ten, that place is on  your couch atop your wine cardigan. I’m sure I need to get over that bias, and this IS a more polished topknot than some. But I still keep coming back to wondering what went wrong with her hair plan that required them to pull this ripcord.

Counsel me:

  • You need to get over it. Topknots are the best. (18%, 961 Votes)
  • This topknot, at least, totally works. (44%, 2,374 Votes)
  • DOWN WITH FORMAL TOPKNOTS. (32%, 1,748 Votes)
  • Can we talk about how I don't like the dress? (4%, 232 Votes)
  • No. (2%, 133 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,448

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[Photo: INF]