So, it would seem the Tooth Fairy is about to visit my house, and sadly, I don’t mean this one:

We have a wiggly front lower tooth, and a lot of excited chatter about what the Tooth Fairy might leave under someone’s pillow (the leading theory: “a race car” and “presents,” neither of which are in contention). Since it’s a slow week, I figured Fug Nation wouldn’t mind a spot to talk amongst itself, and although it doesn’t have to be about this, I will give you a potential topic: What did your Tooth Fairy bring you?

We had a special pink Tooth Fairy pillowcase with a little pocket sewn on it, for any night we had lost a tooth. We’d tuck our chunk of enamel in the pouch, and when I woke up, a pound coin or twenty or fifty pence was there in its place (but I can’t remember in what order — like, did I get more for a molar, or for my first? No idea). I’d love to know how it worked in your families. And, if you are now someone else’s Tooth Fairy, what do you give? I’ve heard tell of UNTOLD RICHES. Like, five dollars per tooth, or for the first one. I can’t personally can sign off on going any higher than a buck and, for the first one, maybe some long-coveted hockey cards. But maybe I’m stingy.