Yesterday we were just talking about Jennifer Connelly’s penchant for booties [ed note: whoops, I dated this post wrong and it was supposed to run a day later than it did; here is the post I am referencing wherein I discuss the booties], and here she is again in them, albeit this time with bare legs:

And she still looks good, although I STILL would have held this back for spring or summer, with a foxier shoe — and maybe three more inches of length. (Her aesthetic at these last two events almost feels like Just Get Me Whatever Emma Stone Might Want, But Three Months Earlier, For The Win.) But when you consider that she and Jennifer Lopez are within a year of being the same age, both doing press junkets… I mean, I love outsized batshit drama as much as the next soap fan, but at the end of the day I’d much rather have J.Co’s clothes in my closet than J.Lo’s.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]