I am not entirely sure what’s happening here:

At first I thought she was wearing a glamorously weird McQueen take on a caftan, but actually, the gown seems more fitted than that, so… she might just be wearing a glamorously weird McQueen, full-stop. It has a sleeve that thinks it might be a cape. Still… even if it’s not floaty enough to hide my snack bloat, I could TOTALLY swan around in that on someone’s yacht deck by night, a flute in one hand — of Champers, not of musicality — and a plate stacked high with cheese in the other. There’s something appealingly luxe about its kookitude, like this isn’t just an outfit but a lifestyle.

Do you like it?

  • I would like it better if it were MORE caftanic (21%, 941 Votes)
  • I LOVE IT (29%, 1,294 Votes)
  • I want it without the fluttery single sleeve (33%, 1,502 Votes)
  • BOO (17%, 779 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,516

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