I deeply miss Jessica’s roundups of celebrities coming and going from airports, to which this makes a DELIGHTFUL addition. Sweatpants, sneakers, a giant coat, and an equally large basic messenger bag? Meryl has never been more relatable to me. I believe she wore this on the entire flight, as opposed to half the current crop, who it feels like change in the bathrooms for the paps. The ONE exception is the hat, which I assume she stowed in the overhead compartment during the flight. Though I would LOVE imagining Meryl swanning into First Class with that on her head, plonking down in her seat, and proceeding to spend five hours having a couple free cocktails, watching Romancing The Stone on the little TV that pops down from the ceiling, and burying her nose in a juicy Barbara Taylor Bradford — all while the brim of her Saturn-size lid thwapped her seatmate or the bart cart or the glutes of anyone shimmying past her to the bathroom.

[Photo: Getty]